1) What is insurance claims facilitation?
(A) When your home and property receives damage from hail or ice, wind, fire or water, your insurance coverage kicks in to cover the cost of repair or replacement. To navigate this often confusing world an industry exists that works to marry the interests of the insurance industry, the property owner and quality local contractors with the sole objective of restoring and insuring the value of your home as an asset.
Superior Exteriors has created a dedicated division to effectively and efficiently process insurance claims for roof system replacement. We will mitigate the stress and headaches associated with the insurance claim process. You pick the color and we do the rest. From the initial roof inspection, meeting with your insurance company representative, invoicing, choosing the style and color, the managed installation to continued service after the sale, trust the experts and experience the Superior difference.

2) How do I know if I have hail damage and when should I file a homeowners insurance claim?

(A) Hail damage to roofs is not always easily visible from the ground or to the untrained eye. It is best, therefore to get an inspection from a professional. Superior Exteriors offers free, comprehensive property inspection services. We work hand in hand with all major insurance companies and we are trained to know and understand what is and what is not justifiable replacement from hail or wind damage. We are the favorite darling of the insurance industry because we are always fair. We eliminate frivolous and unwarranted claims by concentrating on real, justifiable damage. We shoot straight and our impeccable reputation proceeds us. We are your superior choice.
(A) You should get a comprehensive property inspection by a professional to determine your scope of damage before you file a homeowners insurance claim. This protects you from filing an unwarranted or unnecessary insurance claim that may have detrimental long-term repercussions.
It is also a good idea to know what your loss might be in advance as not all insurance carriers have the homeowners best interests in mind when adjusting or determining insurance claim loss. Get a local expert on your side to advocate for your best interests. Let us be your advocate.

3) Why do insurance companies pay for roof system replacement?
(A) Your homeowners insurance policy is designed to protect the asset that is your home. Hail and wind damage can compromise the structural integrity of your roof system by dramatically accelerating the aging process. In a short time after the damage, your roof will begin to shed the granules that protect your home from the sun. As the asphalt beneath these granules becomes exposed, it drys out, cracks and will eventually leak. This may take several years, but the eventual outcome is certain. Therefore, your insurance company is obligated to pay you to have your roof system professionally replaced within one year from the date of damage or the loss date (on average).

4) Why does Superior Exteriors only handle roof system replacement?
(A) Since 1985 we have lead the charge in bringing superior quality and service to the retail remodeling industry in the great state of Wisconsin. In 2006 we launched the Insurance claims facilitation division to better tackle the unique issues associated with insurance claims restoration. We wanted and succeeded in building a specialized team fully equipped to understand the needs of both, property owners and insurance companies. We bridge the gap that sometimes exists between the interests of the insurance carrier and the best interests of the property owner.
(A) Superior Exteriors specializes in the installation of Lifetime roof systems as a public service to our community. We understand that the roof on your home is the main layer of defense protecting your home and your asset. We decided to solely focus our energy and attention to helping as many of our neighbors get roof system replacement in times of emergency, such as a major hail and or wind storm. We have learned from experience that we can help a  substantially larger portion of our community by focusing on the structural roof damage and leaving any cosmetic damage for others. Our goal is to help anyone with roof damage by focusing only on roof damage so that no one will be left without a new roof system once the one-year statute of limitations to complete repairs runs out.
Simply put; we concentrate on what's most important, first.

5) why do I need to hire a professional and should I get 3 estimates?
(A) Your insurance claim is structured in a way to ensure the use of a professional, licensed contractor as a way to guarantee the sanctity of your asset. Quality is very important.
(A) The old idea of getting three estimates is based upon a correct logic, but must be updated to fit in a modern world. You are no longer seeking the best value (compromise of price and quality), as the pricing is now set and completely determined by your insurance company.
(A) You will simply be interviewing the best candidate and choosing the local contractor that you feel the most comfortable with. The price is no longer your issue, but quality and service are. Get the very best roof system with the best warranty for what your insurance claim pays.

6) Why do I have to pay my insurance deductible?
(A) Your insurance deductible is designed as a good faith co-payment from the insured toward the total homeowners insurance claim.
(A) In the state of Wisconsin it is a crime (felony) for any contractor to cover, pay or not require payment of an insurance claim associated with a homeowners insurance claim.
(A) In some instances (with some insurance carriers) the property owner may divide the insurance deductible up proportionately among the varies trades or phases as outlined on the insurance damage loss sheet.

7) Why are my insurance claim proceeds depreciated and what is recoverable depreciation?
(A) Once your damage has been determined, a proration scale is determined based upon various factors (such as age, material and area). This proration is labeled as depreciation and what's left is your actual cash value (ACV). Once you choose a contractor and get the work completed they will become eligible to receive the Recoverable Depreciation. This is the balance of the insurance claim (including your insurance deductible) as outlined on the damage loss sheet contained within your homeowners insurance claim paperwork.

8) What is a GAF Master Elite Installer and why does it matter?
(A) A certified GAF Master Elite contractor is the absolute best of the best of all roof system installers.
(A) GAF materials manufacturer is one of the oldest and largest in the United States. GAF has the highest satisfaction and quality rating of any composition roof shingle sold in the USA. GAF places more emphasis on quality and long-term performance, than anyone else and this shows. This emphasis is channeled through a comprehensive installer training and certification program. Our installation technicians attend ongoing technical, safety and product training. Our management team follows a strict protocol and the results are consistent perfection.

9) How long will the insurance claim process and roof replacement take?
(A) The process consists of an initial inspection, an insurance adjustment, auditing and processing the paperwork, picking the product and color, scheduling  and installation, invoicing and collection and then the certification of your Lifetime warranty.
(A) The roof system installation can be completed in under two days on the average home.

10) What is the Superior Exteriors referral incentive program?
(A) We reward loyalty by giving you a $100 Visa gift card for every neighbor, friend or family member you refer to us.
Once your referral signs a contract with us, we will send you $100 as a token of our gratitude. Spread the word about the Superior difference.
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