Think local 1st. Why it matters to support Wisconsin family businesses

Thanks to Mother Nature, you are now in a position to make a choice. Who will you hire to restore your home to better than pre-storm condition. For many, this experience can be daunting and stressful. It is important to sift through all the noise and educate yourself. An educated consumer makes the best decisions. Your homeowners insurance is going to pay you true market value to hire a contractor to replace your damaged roof. Now is the opportunity to improve upon the quality and appearance of this roof system. It is very important to consider what finished product and overall experience you will receive from the contractor you choose. It is also important to choose a local, Wisconsin based company. You will gain peace of mind in knowing that the insurance proceeds coming from your insurance company and going to the contractor will stay in our local economy and not out of state. Local contractors use local suppliers, local labor and reinvest profits in other local businesses. We pay local taxes, go to local churches and we believe in reciprocal support. You will also experience the support during and after the sale, that only a local contractor can provide. This support includes a "real" comprehensive roof system warranty as well as a referral incentive program. Choose local and know that you will receive higher quality at the same price, better customer service and the satisfaction of supporting our local Wisconsin communities and our economy as a whole. Think local 1st, it does matter.